WiLlOw'S wHoA's (willow003) wrote in anti_haylie,
WiLlOw'S wHoA's

newbie *first post*

Well I'll post here.

There's no DOUBT that Haylie is one ugly chick. And personally I think the pictures HERE in this comm are actually some better pics of her.. so come on people, where's all the REAL pics of her?

I don't have any problem with people making money, but I HAVE a problem with someone as ugly and as talentless as Haylie Duff making as much money as she's going to make by trying to copy her sister.

And if ANYone wants to claim that Haylie HAS talent, please people, have PROOF.

But besides all that, she IS ugly. I'm not saying I'm NOT, but I'm also not trying to shove my face into everyone elses.
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