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Anti Haylie Duff

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Welcome to the first Anti Haylie Duff Community. This community is for all the people who hate Haylie Duff. Now I personally don't have any problem with Hilary. Infact you could call me a huge Hilary fan. I am just sick of her large nosed sister trying to cash in on her fame. I'm sure you are too or else you wouldn't be here. Yeah sure it was Haylie's idea to get into the buisness first but obviously if her sister made it and she didn't she isn't meant to be there.

Community Rules:

Please don't come in here to bitch at us for not liking Haylie. It makes you look like an ass and it wont change our minds.

No bashing of other members.

No TyPiNg lYkE dIzZ!1!11!1. It's annoying and hurts our brains.

Hilary bashing will be frowned upon but I'm not going to ban you for it. If it's needed, keep it to a minimum.

Introductions would be nice just so we know who you are.

Make all entries Friends Only, please.

Promote us!

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