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Anti Haylie Duff [entries|friends|calendar]
Anti Haylie Duff

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[07 Feb 2006|01:00am]

I can't believe that money-hungry-soul-stealing-whore known as Haylie Duff is allowed to roam the world and devour everything that her sister Hilary has built and taken it as her own with absolutely no credentials. She's an untalented and power filled monster with ONLY evil intentions.

Oh and why exactly is she promoting Ice Breakers? Oh that's right, her young sister is Disney royalty, a true case of nepotism at its worse! Not only that but Haylie is a bad influence on impressionable minds, she's teaching young girls that growing up to be nothing is ok.

Look at sweet Hilary Duff minding her own business... that is until Haylie emerged in front of the camera and grabbed a hold of her young naïve sister and demanded that she give some of her fame to her. Haylie poses with her Satanic face that functions only a skin eating virus can... she is truly a black tormented excuse for a human being.

LAW: Considering this community has been inactive for quite some time now, I have taken the rules into my own hands and am removing the regulation that states all entries must be "friends only." That's is ridiculous, we don't have to enforce people to join to read the Hate for a dispicable person, such hate should be public.
Anti Haylie

newbie *first post* [06 Jan 2005|03:53pm]

Well I'll post here.

There's no DOUBT that Haylie is one ugly chick. And personally I think the pictures HERE in this comm are actually some better pics of her.. so come on people, where's all the REAL pics of her?

I don't have any problem with people making money, but I HAVE a problem with someone as ugly and as talentless as Haylie Duff making as much money as she's going to make by trying to copy her sister.

And if ANYone wants to claim that Haylie HAS talent, please people, have PROOF.

But besides all that, she IS ugly. I'm not saying I'm NOT, but I'm also not trying to shove my face into everyone elses.
24 Anti Haylie

Welcome [11 Nov 2004|10:56am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hello all. This is the first entry. It will take a while for the community to get up and moving so tell all your friends and post all the time.

3 Anti Haylie

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